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Preston 2009
Outside Smokin' 6th August 2010
BG gigs 2010

Hi all,
finally the pictures from the BG gig. If you want to re-post them or tinker something, feel free to do so. Thanks to all who attented & thanks to Blue Gillespie.

Buffalo Bar DL 06-08-2010

watch this - record & edit by Rox712
Beat Oven - live - intro, including the 'magic glass'
Skinned - live
Black Walz - live
Whiff - live
Blue Gillespie Tripout and Fingered  - live
Paradox - live
The Oblivious - live

in addition - we still got some 'magic glasses'  (unbreakable festival cups) from the gig and a few mugs (breakable) - contact the admin for info please

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