We do of 'cos luv GDL for his Ianto Jones,
but the man is full of action so go check his
other doings


So -- I recently noticed that my GDL collection sort
of breeds and I have no clue how this ever could happen!
Seriously who needs friggin 8+1!!! autographes from one
and the same person? -- go figure!

So despite the fact that we're horrible behind with the
schedule regarding sploe.net I went for setting up Gareth'
place. For one because he deserves it and secondly
this way I can share some CONVENTION shots with you.

Some rules though: You are free to download the pictures
of course that's why I offer them, use them for icons, wallpapers or just to drool a bit I don't do watermarks,
so they are all "yours" - still it would be nice if you either
mention sploe.net or at least do not claim you took them,
it's very much appreciated.

In addition, please do not hotlink them from sploe.net to where-ever and don't use them for manips. I am all for FanFic 'n stuff but the body of GDL still belongs very much
to him even if projected to a picture, so consider this as
leaving him a bit privacy (^_~) We don't want to freak the man out, do we?

and YES we want GDL for Panto
so much fun to see him suffer in