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So a bunch of Stargate SG1 fans decided that the TORCHWOOD fandom needs a little pimp up - especial the FanFiction area - and wow after 'only' two years it actually works!

sploe.net very own Creative Consultant, brilliant with graphics, and in deleting typos

the sploe.net coffee girl and archivist for FanFiction, ScreenCaps and quotes (what quotes?)
The archivist's fav' character in the TW series is with no doubt Ianto Jones - also referred to as "sexiest voice of the 21st century".
Since Gareth David-Lloyd asked how it comes that he was voted for the 20 sexiest male of Wales - I tell you it's this voice!!!!
graphic wizard too and site owner *hides*

It's cool for once we are The Powers That Be, but we promise to try and not fuck up!

on- cheering supporters (fans)

BBABabe ,who we thank a lot for her ideas and suggestions for the "100 ways and opportunities for GFC to die"
same goes to DRD1812

special thanx to Jax for TW Mag covers + audios and to mosame for the great fanfic archive graphic

If anyone wants to add ConReports, FanPhotos, Bring back Ianto Jones compaigns or Magazine covers with the Torchwood crew, Wallpapers and whatnot, we would be happy to add them. Of course your name and all will be placed - we only take credit for crimes we did.

who apologizes for all typos and grammar flaws!


our Linux-tech-wiz who helps out when the archivist starts to panic - which happens quite often

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